Our Team


Paul Nolde

Director of Business Development

Paul brings more than a decade of sales and management experience in the banking and finance industries to NRV. Offering a unique blend of early stage capital structuring and business development strategies, he has a passion for engaging in, and advocating for, the entrepreneurial community. Prior to NRV he served as the Small Business Capital Strategist for Virginia Community Capital, Virginia’s largest community development financial institution. Paul also served as Managing Director for a small family office in Richmond, VA, that took seed and angel stage equity positions in start-up market makers and maturing market disrupters in the technology sector. He is a frequent panelist and speaker on early stage investing, serves on multiple higher ed and community organization boards, and enjoys mentoring Richmond's high growth startups. At NRV, Paul is responsible for originating deal opportunities, expanding the firm's brand and reach across the Commonwealth and among strategic funding partners, analyzing investment proposals, and supporting portfolio companies.


Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia  



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