Why NRV?

We know businesses need more than capital to be successful. In addition to providing funding, NRV leverages the intellectual capital and deep business acumen of our founders to provide unparalleled strategic counsel and connections to our young companies. We’ve built a team dedicated to equipping our entrepreneurs with the resources they need to scale and grow.



Here’s What We Do

NRV’s platform offers portfolio companies real world support, positioning them for success.

Operational Support Staff

We match our portfolio companies with staff, fractional employees and consultants that meet each company’s unique needs. 

Start-up Summits

With topics selected by NRV portfolio companies, Start-Up Summits cultivates conversations on industry trends and best practices for scaling early stage companies.  

Growth Strategy and Business Development

We work with each portfolio company on a customized growth strategy and introduce our entrepreneurs to world class companies and later stage investors.

Ongoing Council from Industry Experts

Our fund is an active investing platform bringing together the expertise of our founders and limited partners. This network includes current and former industry leaders in technology, healthcare, consumer goods, energy and a variety of other sectors.