Jim Ukrop, Bob Mooney, and Ted Chandler share a deep belief in the importance of and responsibility for community. As NRV founders and Richmond natives, they believe Richmond is poised to take its place as a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and a home to inspired, world-changing businesses. Through the years, they have provided local companies with experienced counsel, valuable connections, and accessible capital. When the three leaders created NRV in 2011 it was to ignite and advance creativity and innovation in their community.

From the start, NRV connected experts who shared our vision with scaling start-ups and began investing growth capital in local ventures. As the firm grew, so did NRV’s geographic focus and the opportunities for investors in NRV’s network, many of whom sought to diversify their investments. In response, NRV has added staff and resources to deploy capital as efficiently and effectively as possible.

NRV has invested in 9 companies that, since NRV’s involvement, raised over $130 million in equity and have created jobs and shareholder value in the region.  Today, NRV will invest in high growth companies with exceptional teams, proven technologies and demonstrated market traction.