Our Team


Laura Markley

Director of Investments

Laura’s career includes six years in the financial services industry in New York City, including investment banking at Deutsche Bank and audit/valuation services for PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also worked at private wealth firm Ziff Brothers Investments, both in the investment accounting space and running the firm’s multi-million dollar philanthropy programs and family foundation giving. Laura is a Richmond native who earned a Masters of Accounting at William and Mary and an MBA at Columbia University, graduating at the top of her class in both degrees. At NRV, Laura assesses prospective investment due diligence, evaluates & negotiates investment deal terms, serves on portfolio company boards, and engages with company CEOs to provide a variety of growth and financial consulting services.



Bachelor of Arts in English and Accounting, William and Mary

Masters of Financial Accounting, William and Mary

Masters of Business Administration, Columbia University 



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